User Manual

My personal user manual #

(a manual how to “use” me)

Part 1 (formal) #

Pronouns #


Timezone/Working hours #

More productive at the second half of the day

Communication preferences #

1. Telegram
2. email
3. SMS
1000. phone call

Professional background #

  • master’s degree in CS (systems engineer)
  • was working as L1 tech support
  • Software Engineer since 2009
  • Platform Engineer since 2013
  • “DevOps Engineer” since 2015

Strength and skills #

  • I know how computers work and why they don’t
  • think for a few steps ahead
  • have a good sense of humor

Development areas #

  • English language
  • Kubernetes
  • Golang

How you like to receive credit/praise and constructive feedback #

Prefer direct and fast feedback - as soon as you see I am doing something wrong - please tell me why.
However, I most probably will object if I believe I’m following best practices, so woudl appreciate some arguments.

Outside of work hobbies #

  • riding a motorcycle
  • ping-pong (amateur level)
  • playing acoustic guitar (below amateur level)

Personal development goals #

  • CKA

Part 2 (informal) #

What You Should Know About Me #

  • Born and raised overseas:
    • I use Celsius, not Fahrenheit (but okay with miles and pounds)
    • I am totally unfamiliar with the cultural domain from pre-K/school/college (something you might consider obvious, I have never heard of or seen)
    • English is not my first language:
      • If I say something weird (or even rude), it’s most probably unintentional, using the wrong wording, etc
      • I appreciate spelling corrections greatly
      • I love puns and wordplays and do my best to understand them
  • I haven’t seen Star Wars (sorry, I tried, but that train seems to have passed), Star Trek, and have never read comic books
  • I’ve read a lot of 60s-90s Sci-Fi and fiction literature, including but not limited to authors from the USA
    • What are your top 3 books?
  • I don’t drink coffee; I take tea
  • I love customization and use shell/git aliases a lot, as well as tiny utilities to make things pretty or colorful (like grc or kubecolor)

Fun facts about me #

  • I’m left-handed
  • I was born in the empire/country, which no longer exists - USSR or Soviet Union

What I consider common sense #

Personal opinions about different stuff #

  • git push --force is evil
    • avoid it, unless it is a final step for a long-lasting PR to prettify commits history
    • force-pushes might make PRs of your peers fail
  • however, nasty git history is much more evul, so please rebase (squash/fixup) and force-push your branch if you are changing 2 files with 135 commits

Things I can help you with #

  • Complex git tricks (rebasing, history rewriting, bisect search, conflict resolution and avoidance, hooks)
  • Python code, including linters/tests, list/dict comprehensions, parameter parsing, simple CLI scripts, and simple web services (Flask)
  • Groovy code (in a limited scope of Jenkins job/library)
  • Ansible: I love this tool and use it, for example, to bootstrap/update macOS laptops to keep the settings consistent across hardware migrations
  • Docker: Adopted it since the 0.7.x version when only Linux was supported. I may not be aware of its latest features, but knowing the underlying principles (lxc, cgroups, namespaces…) helps with troubleshooting

Things I need help with #

  • Kubernetes and authentication (IAM, SSO, OAUTH)
  • writing documentation (especially style/grammar)

Things I believe worth reading #

I have a separate article for that

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